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Sweet Talks

Would you like to hear some sweeter than sweet talks sitting at the lotus feet of Srila Raghunath das Goswami on the banks of Sri Radhakund - the topmost place from the spiritual world on Planet Earth? Then please listen to-

We are proud to have Mother Jahnava who reached Goudiya Vaishnavism to novel heights. For more information about her.......... Click here to hear!

Radha-Ras-Sudha-Nidhi—Prabodhananda Saraswatipad's most munificient work glorifying Sri Radharani in so sweetest verses that they forcefully attract the devotees' mind from the realms of material bondage and make it absorbed in the divine Vrindavan!
Hear this & other nectarine Harikatha from Radhakund...

Sweet Gour-katha from Sri Radhakund enriched with principles of bhakti & ras will fill devotees' hearts with divine emotions for the Golden moon of Nabadweep. Translated by Madhumati Dasi.Download ..................

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