Kk4.4 – The Manjaris alone relish sweet ras

Explanation of ‘mâdhurya-magna-ânanam’         


Sweetness means ‘attractiveness in every situation’. Sri Krishna’s face is immersed in sweet ras in every situation; Srila Bhatta Goswâmipâd has explained “mâdhurya – magna – ânanam as “He who is the very life of devotees immersed in sweet ras.”


The Manjaris alone relish sweet ras






The devotees of Vraja alone are immersed in sweet ras, since the devotional worship in Vraja is verily the sâdhanâ of mâdhurya.  In addition, Sri Krishna’s sweetness is expressed the most in the presence of Sri Sri Râdhârâni. Hence, the sakhi–manjaris who worship the Divine Couple are the devotees who are the most immersed in mâdhurya–ras than anyone else. The Beloved of Sri Râdhâ’s heart in the form of Navakishor Shyâm is the very lifeline for these sakhi–manjaris.


Meditating thus, Sri Lilâshuk attained the zenith of sphuran. He saw “pronmilan–nava–youvanam.” – “this splendour is nothing but a mass of lâvanya, since it is the characteristic of Sri Krishna’s budding youth.”


Here ‘budding youth’ refers to the end of ‘kishor’ stage.  Srimad Rupa Goswâmicharan has described ‘budding youth’ in the following manner –


“O fair maiden! Behold the divine budding youth of Pitâmbar1 Who is an expert at defeating the sweetness of the Love-god. His physical beauty is destroying the patience of married women! He is an expert at love-making, and the corner of His eyes stop the proud dance of the Khanjan bird.”

– (B.R.S. 2.1.319)


An ambassadress2 is expressing how much the Gopis are engrossed in the mâdhurya of Sri Krishna’s budding youth –


“Their eyes reflect Shyâm, they talk about Shyâm, and they are enwrapped with Shyâm. They are wearing Shyâm–garland with Shyâm–pendant and have Shyâm in their laps.


O Mâdhav! I know You will beg to defer. But, they are good girls belonging to respectable families. It is You Who have perverted their minds with Your magic.


You have fascinated them so much that now they can think of none but You, and they find their own relatives (who stop them from meeting You), as ‘sinners’.


They cover their beautiful faces and cry continuously until all the kohl of their eyes is washed away.


You are verily the Ocean of Love and the Brilliance of the night3, and You have cast a spell on them. Poet Govinda dâs says – the dear Gopis are waiting for You with so much anticipation – O! When will we meet Nanda Kishor?”


(to be continued)


1 Sri Krishna Who is clad in golden yellow robes

2 She is a Gopi who carries messages from other Gopis to Sri Krishna and vice versa. Here she is giving a message to Sri Krishna from her friends.

3 Since Sri Krishna is simultaneously brilliant and dark