KK4.7 – “golden lotus buds”

Explanation of ‘apina – stana – kutmala – âbhira – bhito gopibhir – âradhitar’


Sri Lilâshuk saw the magnificent Shyâmsundar, with His face immersed in sweetness, His budding youth adorned with lâvanya and the nectarine flute held close to His lips. He was surging with sweet beauty and brilliant lâvanya. Along with this, he also saw – “apina–stana–kutmala–âbhira–bhito gopibhir–âradhitar i.e. – “He is kissed and tightly embraced by damsels of Vraja from all sides. They are serving Him sweetly with their high–raised breasts which are like the lotus buds.”


Srila Bhatta Goswâmipâd says, one may question whether the word ‘jyoti’ in the verse refers to the impersonal Brahman. The answer is ‘No’. The poet is saying that the Gopa–beauties worship Him. Hence, He is the God of Love.  You may say, may be the women are worshipping Brahman?  Therefore, the poet is specifying that they are worshipping Him with their high breasts that are like golden lotus-buds. Therefore, we can be sure they are not worshipping the attribute-less Brahman. Since lotus-buds are hard, it indicates that the Gopis are in their budding youth.  The gorgeous body of the Gopa-Kishori1 who have attained the stage of mahâbhâv is the topmost ingredient to serve the Rasarâj Sri Krishna.


“They (the Gopis) serve Krishna by offering their bodies in the mood of a sweetheart.”

– [C.C. – Madhya.19.190]



Embraced by the Vraja–devis, He becomes the very embodiment of Eros!


(to be continued)

1 adolescent Gopa damsels

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