KK4.8 – Marvellous outcome !!

Explanation of ‘jagatâm – ekabhirâm – adbhutam’


In the end, Sri Lilâshuk saw even more – “jagatâm – ekabhirâm – adbhutam – i.e. – “Amongst hundreds of crores of Gopis, He is most obsessed with Sri Râdhârâni alone.”


When Goursundar's body scorching in viraha, fell on this stone, it melted. The pits are filled with milk and worshipped with petals.

When Goursundar's body scorching in viraha, fell on this stone, it melted. The pits are filled with milk and worshipped with petals.

The Divine couple is dancing, touching one another’s shoulder, and all are observing the twin beauty with thirsty wonder struck eyes!  This ras–sport with Sri Râdhâ is indeed wonderful.  Sri Râdhâ alone is the crest–jewel of all Vraja-damsels. The pastime of meeting other Gopis is performed only to bring about more relish in the sweetness of performing ras-filled sportive pastimes with Her.



“All other Gopis are ingredients of ras.  They are used to enhance the actual relish of performing love-sports with Râdhâ.”

– (C.C.- Âdi.4.177)


This is the feeling of Sri Lilâshuk in his siddha-swarup.


In the sâdhak state, he said to his Vaishnav companions – “In the Râs-Lilâ, Sri Krishna danced with Sri Râdhâ – everyone watched that pastime, thirsty and wonder struck.  What to speak of watching, even thinking of this pastime is very wonderful.  Sri Krishna is the embodiment of sweetness; Vraja is the land of sweetness.  Hence, Vraja-lilâs are so sweet. Above all is the Râs-Lilâ that Eros Himself (Sri Krishna) performs with the Vraja-devis who are immersed in Mahâbhâv. It is incomparable! Sri Bhagavân Himself is lost in the wonderful splendid ras of Râs-Lilâ! He Himself says with His sweet lips –


“santi yadyapi me prajya lilastasta manoharah,

 na hi jane smrite râse mano me ki drisham bhavet.”


Meaning: – “All my pastimes are attractive, but whenever I think of the Râs-Lilâ, my feelings attain a state which I myself cannot understand.” 


Sripâd Bhatta Goswâmi has explained jagatam – ekabhiram – adbhutam’ in the following manner –


Sri Bhagavân appears in various forms. All the forms are most blissful.  However, none other than Sri Krishna has so much beauty and sweetness that enchants the each and every being.  Let alone others, even Sri Krishna Himself is spellbound by His all–attractive beauty. This is an unbelievable fact.  Srimad-Bhâgavatam says –


‘vismapanam swasya cha saubhagardheh param padam bhushan – bhushanangam.”



Sriman-Mahâprabhu has explained it thus –


“Krishna marvels at His Own beauty. He desires to relish it. All beautiful qualities that symbolise fortune are eternally present in Krishna. Ornaments beautify the body.  However, Krishna’s body is so beautiful that it beautifies the ornaments. And the most beautiful of all is His stylish ‘tribhanga’ posture, and above all His dancing eyebrows. His side long glances are like arrows that are fully determined to pierce the heart of Râdhârâni and Her entourage of sakhis”.-(C.C.Madhya.21.85-87)


Sri Krishna’s enchantment with His Own beauty yielded a marvellous result. This amazing outcome is none other than Sri Sri Gourânga Mahâprabhu!!  Sri Krishna Who was voracious to delight in His Own sweetness, accepted Sri Râdhâ’s bhâv–kânti1 and was absorbed in relishing His Own mâdhurya.4.






(End of verse 4)

(to be continued)




1 splendour

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