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Sri Sri Bishnupriyā-Gourāngou Jayatah

ātma shodhibār tore duhsāhas koinu,

leelā-sindhur ek bindu sparshite nārinu.

(Adwaita Prakāsh, 22nd Chapter)


I was so impudent as to seek self-realization; however I could not touch even one drop from the ocean of the Divine pastimes.

Sri Sri Bishnupriyā Devi love-sports on the bosom of Goursundar, is the daughter of Sri Sanātan and she is more than inconceivable. Read the rest of this entry »

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Radhe Radhe !

Let’s take a break here and learn  little bit about the author  who was a Vaishnav saint.  His name was sri Haridas Goswami.

The most munificent Baby Gourānga Read the rest of this entry »

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Sri Nabadweep-Chandra appears


Sakhi Kanchanā was mad in Gour-prem. The piteous cry from her crystal clear heart penetrated the tough walls of Neelāchal-Gambheerā   and right into the heart of Sri Krishna Chaitanya Mahāprabhu.  He was discussing Krishna-kathā with the devotees. Abruptly he stopped the ishta-goshthi and bade farewell to the devotees. Then he entered the silent precincts of Gambheerā. Read the rest of this entry »

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Gour-virahini Priyāji’s face resembled the pale moon in the sky of Nadiyā. She slowly bent her face and seriously remarked in a tear-choked voice – “But sakhi, this is not truly a Gour-glorification! By adding the name of this wretched being Read the rest of this entry »

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(Yathā Rāg)


esho gour esho !

(āmār) hridoy āsane esho boso he !

esho gour esho he !

  Read the rest of this entry »

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On hearing this song, Priyāji was overwhelmed with blissful prem. The depth of sakhi Amitā’s Gour-prem mesmerized her. She had no word to express her gratitude.  Priyāji’s eyes became premānanda personified -they were radiating so much loveliness! Restraining her tears, she hugged Amita with one hand; and placed Read the rest of this entry »

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Virahini Priyāji first finished her jap. Then with tears of prem flowing from her eyes, she spoke softly with tear-choked voice –


“My dear sakhi Amita! I do not know any Gour-kathā or Gour-kirtan. Read the rest of this entry »

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Gour-virahini Priyāji was even now immersed in japa; her eyes were overflowing with tears. She was chanting Gour-nām. The tears of prem bathed her bosom and she repeatedly paid obeisance to Neelāchal Dhām. Poet Balarām dās has drawn a beautiful picture –

“bishnupriyā nababālā, hāte loye japamālā,

Rui rui jope gour nām,

Nobeenā jogini dhani, birahini kāngālini,

Pronomeya neelāchala dhām.


Sarba ange dhoolā mākhā, lambā kesh elochulā,

Sonar anga ati durbal,

Balarām dās koy, shuno prabhu doyāmoy,

Muchhāye dāo debi ānkhi-jol.”


Meaning – “Bishnupriyā, who was still at a very tender age, held a japa-mālā in her hand. She was crying while she chanted Gour-nām. Separated from her Beloved she was a young yogini. Stripped of her most precious possession, she repeatedly paid obeisance to Neelāchal-Dhām.  She was bathed in dust, and her long lustrous hair was disheveled. He golden form had weakened. Balarām das is praying – My dear Lord! please wipe her tears with your own lotus hands.”




The month of Ashwin had begun; the days were getting shorter and winter was setting in. In the Mahagambheerā-mandir of Nadia, Gour-virahini Priyāji’s Bhajan had become all the more strong. Kanchanā and Amitā, the two confidantes of Priyāji knew what was going on in her heart, and they were full of sorrow.  They were worried ofr her. They could not rest in peace even for a moment.  They would try to seek newer and newer means to assuage her scorching Gour-viraha. Read the rest of this entry »

 Sri Bishnupriyaa in Gambheeraa


Holy Invocation


Samsaara-daavaanala-leedha-loka-traanaaya kaarunya-ghanaa-ghanatwam |

Praaptasya kalyaana-gunaarnavasya vande guroh sri charanaaravindam ||


This material world is like a raging forest fire; its suffering can be extinguished only by the torrential shower of mercy. Sri Gurudev alone possesses such mercy, and he is also the ocean of all auspicious qualities. I pay obeisance to the lotus feet of such Sri Gurudev.