Amrta keli recipe?

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Re: Amrta keli recipe?

Postby Madhumati on Sat May 08, 2010 1:58 pm

Ohh i dint c this post earlier, otherwise i'd hv replied long time ago !!

Radhe Radhe !!

Vishakha, Amritkeli is nothing but what you get in those little kulhas (clay-glasses) at Radharamanjiu !!

YOu take full fat milk, then condense it, add sugar last. U hv to make it real thick. Of course, how much dry fruits you add - is your choice. Also it is good to add kewra essence or rose essence etc. whatever you prefer.
PL follow this link to read the interesting history connected with Amritkeli.

PLease also visit Gopinath for the original amrita-keli. It says -

One can get delicious 'Kshira' here call 'Amrita-Keli'. The Gopinatha Kshira is a preparation of condensed milk, sugar, and cream, with a sprinkling of raisins. It comes in pots of various sizes, which are personally tasted by Lord Gopinatha Himself. Sri Gopinatha is known as "Kshira Chora Gopinatha" because He stole and hid a pot of 'Kshira' out of love for Madhavendra Puri. 'Chora' means thief.

Now, Vishakha my dear, when are you going to feed thsi delicious delicacy to ur Gour-Nitai? Of course we are invited !! ;)
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Amrta keli recipe?

Postby Visakha on Mon Apr 19, 2010 2:26 pm

I have always been intrigued by the sound of the sweet called "amrta keli" - I have heard it is really amrta - does anybody have a recipe so that I can make it for my Nitai-Goursundar??

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