origin of sattva guna

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origin of sattva guna

Postby bhakta on Sun Feb 24, 2013 4:36 pm

Hare Krishna,

I once heard from an experienced devotee that sattvaguna derives from Sri Krishna\'s Sandhini (Hladini?) Shakti and that devotees follow the mode of goodness (eat sattvic food, wake up in the morning early etc.) and the regulative principles because it is directly related to what Shri Krishna personally likes (ghee, chapati, flowers, instead of other things, etc.) His transcendental activities (in the morning early He goes out to take the cows to the pastures and Sri Radha can meditate upon Him etc.) and His qualities (Pureness, Renunciation etc.), not because we are in the material world where there are the gunas and we try to elevate ourselves artificially by sticking to the \"good guna\" and the good principles.

In other words Sri Krishna, the Supreme Person comes first, with His personality, His activities, His qualities and His \"likes and dislikes\" and as a consequence what He likes is absolutely good therefore we should follow it, not that in this world there are \"by chance\" (separately from Shri Krishna) the gunas and the regulative principles and that if we are \"virtuous\" we elevate ourselves to the spiritual platform.

Unfortunately I was very inexperienced at the time (and I still am) and could not understand very well, but now I would like to study the subject more in detail.
Could someone correct me if I said something wrong and provide me with scriptural references (as detailed and extensive as possible) where these topics are discussed?

Hare Krishna,

your most fallen servant Karuna das

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