A laughing corner for bhajananadi Vaishnavs - to unwind, to loosen up, to laugh... especially at ourselves.....but first read this !
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Postby Madhumati on Thu Jun 24, 2010 2:55 pm


Baby Ramgorur

Be pleased to meet Baby Ramgorur ! He is forbidden to laugh. If you crack a joke, he shuts his ears and shrieks, ‘’ I won’t I won’t I won’t laugh !!!’’ He is forever under stress – what if he hears someone laughing ? :mad: This is why, he often opens one eye and peers round him in suspicion.

He doesn’t get sleep, and is forever muttering to himself. ‘’ If you dare to laugh, I’ll beat you !!’’ he scolds himself thus. He never visits the woods nor does he go near trees. He is afraid, you see, that a breeze may tickle him to laughter. :oh:

He has no peace, for even the clouds are so naughty !! :angry: Look, how they are constantly puffing up, and their corners are lifting due to laughing gas ! Baby Ramgorur is always watching out for them.

He has retreated in to the darkness of the night and into the thorny prickly bushes. Yet does he have a moment’s peace ? Naah !! The naughty glow worms :aww: come, giggle all over the bushes and light up the darkness around him ! Ohh, WHAT can Baby Ramgorur do ?

People all around him are SO insensitive ! :nakkal: They are forever rolling in laughter - why don’t they realize Baby Ramgorur feels pain when he hears laughter? :morecry:

Baby Ramgorur’s home is all shut up with scoldings – ‘’ DON’T do this ! And DON’T say that !’’ Always don’ts and don’ts. So he sits with all his doors and windows shut, so that the breeze of laughter cannot enter. His house sports a placard – ‘’ LAUGHTER IS FORBIDDEN’’. (Hashi nishedh) :send:
- Sukumar Roy in Abol Tabol

(painting of Baby Ramgorur is by Sukumar Roy)

So all ye Baby Ramgorurs of the world !! You are strictly advised not to proceed, and please do follow your religion religiously. But if you do, enter at your own risk. We absolve ourselves of any damage you suffer herewith.
:love: :hug: :kiss: and Radhe Radhe !!!
laali mere laalan ki, jit dekhoon tit laal,
laali dekhan mai gayee, mai bhee ho gayee LAAAAL !!!!!!

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