A horse and a donkey sell here at the same price

Saints of Goudiya Vaishnavism is one of the deepest source of inspirations to anyone. They've walked their way of sadhana through countless difficulties, unconditional devotion, renunciation & realizations that fascinate aspiring devotional hearts beyond anything! And for dikshit devotees too, their life is ever flowing elexir for motivation!
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A horse and a donkey sell here at the same price

Postby Madhumati on Sat Jan 28, 2012 10:00 am

Jay Jay sri radhe

There was a devotee of Srinathji. He used to live in Nathdhawar and he used to sing bhajan at night during shayan time. He would sit behind the temple and sing devoutly. He was very simple-hearted . One day another devotee noticed him singing and he asked him not to sing as his voice was very bad. The first devotee discontinued singing. The very next morning Sri Gosainji, the son of Sri Vallabhacharya went to wake up Srinathji and he was perturbed at seeing the red eyes of Thakurji. He asked Srinathji for an explanation, as he used to talked to Him personally. Krishna told him that he could not get good sleep at all since the devotee who used to sing during shayan-seva did not sing last night. Gosainji sought out the devotee and asked him why he did not sing during bed-time. The devotee disclosed the reason why he had stopped singing. Gosainji spoke to the devotee who had stopped him and requested the first devotee to continue singing every night . The devotee who had stopped singing told Sri Gonsaiji, '' I did not know that a horse and a donkey sell here at the same price '' , and begged forgiveness. However he continued to sing for the pleasure of Srinathji. :great:

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