Verse 11

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Sri Bhatta Goswâmipâd has written that Srila Lilâshuk’s heart is so absorbed in Sri Krishna that He cannot bear Sri Krishna–viraha anymore. So, in this verse he is praying for a ‘sphurti’ of Sri Krishna’s leelâ. Sri Krishna’s form is made of intense ras. The Upanishads have described this form as ‘extremely mysterious’ or top secret, Read the rest of this entry »

In the age of Mahâprabhu, the devotees are in Manjari-bhâv. The manjaris have a special role to play during the Râsleelâ and in the confidential pastimes of Sri Sri Râdhâ-Krishna! Read the rest of this entry »

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Verse  11

hridaya mama hridya vibhramânan

hridayan harsha – vishâla – lola – netram,

tarunâm vrajabâlâ – sundarinân

taratang kinchana dhâm sannidhâtam .11.




The One Who knows the heart of the charming bewildered Vraja-beauties, Who is the restless gem (precious wealth) residing in the hearts of the Vrajadevis, Who has large naughty eyes, Who is young – may That inexpressible dense brilliance pervade my heart.11.





ust as Sri Krishna is the chief of ‘rasikas’, the Gopis too Read the rest of this entry »