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108 Sri Srimat Ananta das Babaji Maharaj has a dream that all devotees must get every single text written with Love and tears of the Goswamis in their original form, and convey the true message of Lord Gouranga Mahaprabhu. To make his dream come true, we have embarked on this voyage of Love. By Srimati’s kripa, all we need is your heartfelt blessing in the form of your prayer. We aspire to gift you with lots of Love-treasures in the form of poems, prose, drama, poem-cum-prose (champuh), and much much more.

This blog gives current status of how far our voyage has progressed. You can avail some of the  books from the Sweet texts page, and also place online order for these books and some more like Sri Krishna-karnamritam and Topmost Achievable Goal.  For further query please contact Madhumatidasi.

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  1. Being in america without association of devotees, this site has really helped me alot.
  2. Hello, How are you doing? Can you please update this article – http://kunjeshwari.com/sweetblog/essays/brahmacharya/greatly-inspiring-brahmacharya-quotes-by-gopal-krishna/#Introduction? Because I have improved my brahmacharya formula much more by now – https://gopalonmission.wordpress.com/2009/04/04/12-point-brahmacharya-celibacy-formula. Can you please put a link to our celibacy group on facebook – https://www.facebook.com/groups/668071976567981 – on your great blog? This group on celibacy has 3000+ members and is used to help one another practise celibacy be it for limited period or even lifelong.

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