Verse 12

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Explanation of ‘Nikhila-bhuvana-lakshmi-nitya-leelâ-âspadabhyâm’


Sri Krishna’s lotus–feet are ‘Nikhila-bhuvana-lakshmi-nitya-leelâ-âspadabhyâm’, which means: ‘All the Goddesses of wealth in the entire  creation eternally reside and sport there.’ Read the rest of this entry »

Srila Lilâshuk is describing the speciality of Sri Krishna’s lotus-feet. The beauty of a host of lotuses fades when compared to the beauty of Sri Krishna’s lotus-feet. What is great about a lotus-forest? Read the rest of this entry »

The manjaris are Râdhâ-snehâ-adhikâ (more favourable to Râdhâ). They never have milan with Sri Krishna. Read the rest of this entry »


Srila Kavirâj Goswâmipâd has said when Sri Lilâshuk beheld some Gopi placing Sri Krishna’s lotus-feet on her breasts, he prayed joyfully Read the rest of this entry »

Verse 12





kimapi vahatu cheetah krishna–padâmbuja–bhyâm.12.




Sri Krishna’s eternal pastimes are the most beautiful in all universes and His lotus-feet are the source of these enchanting leelâs. They1 overshadow the beauty of a host of lotuses and the devotees honour them as being extraordinarily capable of sheltering surrendered souls. May His lotus-feet be a source of inexpressible happiness to me.12.




ri Lilâshuk has composed these verses while meditating on the Râsleelâ. Hence, each verse is overflowing with Râsras. In the beginning of Râsleelâ, when the Gopis first met Sri Krishna, all of them felt proud of their good fo Read the rest of this entry »