Verse 14

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Sri Jiva  Goswâmi tells us –


“We gain love when we practice devotion in mâdhuryabhâv. Read the rest of this entry »


Srila Bhatta Goswâmipâd has written that Sripâd Lilâshuk is so full of love and anxiety that he has become intolerant of everything that is not connected to Krishna. Read the rest of this entry »

Verse 14

mâdhurya – vâridhi – mad-ambu – taranga – bhangi –

shringâra – sankulita – shita – kishora – vesham,

ânanda – hâsa – lalita – ânana – chandra – vimbam –

ânanda – sam – plavamânu plâvatam mano me 14.



Sri Krishna’s moon like face is most beautiful with its soft smiles, and His Kishor-form is full of sweet intoxicating shringâr1 – therefore it is the panacea for all sorrows. May my mind forever plunge and rise playfully in the excited flow of joy emanating from such a bewitching face and gorgeous body. 14.




ow Sri Lilâshuk is describing Sri Krishna’s moon-face and His bhâvas. He saw that Sri Krishna is smilingly directing Sri Râdhâ towards a secluded flower–grove with His eyes, unnoticed by the others. Read the rest of this entry »