Verse 17

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Verse 17

        mama chetasi sphuratu vallavi – vibhor –

mani nupura – pranayi manju shinjitam,

kamala – vane – chara – kalinda – kanyaka –

kala – hamsa kantha – kujita-adritam

kantha – kala – kujitadritam. 17




May the jingling of Sri Râdhâraman1 Sri Krishna’s gem-studded anklets, that is more delightful than the cooing of the swans wandering in the lotus-forest of Kâlindi, be revealed in my heart.17.



otus forests adorn the banks of the Yamunâ. Therein lies the captivating Ashok–kunja. Taking the cue from Sri Krishna, Sri Râdhâ has reached that secluded Ashok-kunja. Sri Krishna has met Priyâji in that confidential flower–grove. Read the rest of this entry »