Verse 21

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What is reason behind Sri Krishna’s false sleep ?


shritum shrotra-manoharam vrajavadhu – lilâm – itho – jalpitam’. It means, ‘to hear the attractive conversation of the Vrajavadhus’.


Meaning of ‘Vrajavadhu’ and ‘lilâ’ in the verse


Vrajavadhus are those who bind Sri Krishna with the cords of love-ras. He is performing the pastime of false sleep so as to witness how they steal His flute, and to hear their ras-full conversations.

Lilâ” – means imitating a dear one by dressing up and acting like He does”. – (U.N.) Read the rest of this entry »

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Verse 21

stokastoka niruddhyamâna mridulaprasandi mandasmitam,


shrotun shrotra–manoharam vraja–vadhu–lilâm–itho–jalpitam mithyâ–swâpam upâsmahe bhagavatah kridâ – nimilad – drishah .21



Sri Krishna is pretending to be asleep so that He may hear the attractive conversation of the Vrajavadhus. His face is radiant with a slight stifled softly blooming smile that has broadened due to the arousal of love. The hairs on His body are clearly standing on their ends. We worship such false sleep of Sri Krishna. 21.



ri Krishna has risen from the bed of love, Srimati Râdhârâni has put both Her arms around Him and He is at present seated on the love–bed. Once again the ras–dalliance has started with enthusiasm. Sri Sri Râdhâ–Govinda’s vilaas is very deep, mysterious and unknown to all in every aspect. Leave alone others, it is unknown even to the dearest sakhis. No one is permitted to behold Their pastimes, other than the Manjaris. The sakhis are so close to Them, but still they are not allowed to stay during the confidential pastimes. Read the rest of this entry »