Verse 23

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Verse 23

sârdham samriddhair – amritâya – mânair –

âtâya – mânair – murli – ninâdaih,

murdha – abhishiktam madhura – âkritinâm

bâlang kadâ nâma vilokayishye. 23.


The One Whose flute showers nectar and permeates everywhere with its extremely rich râg[1] and tân[2] – When will I behold That adolescent Chief of all sweet beings? 23.



he most worshipped Srila Krishnadâs Kavirâj Goswâmipâd has rendered a wonderful explanation of this verse in context to the Râs-leelâ. Thanks to the Sâranga–Rangadâ purport that, the Goudiya Vaishnavs who are steadfastly devoted to the lotus-feet of Sri Râdhâ, are able to relish the sweetness of Sri Krishna-Karnâmritam in such a superb manner! By the mercy of Sriman-Mahâprabhu, Srila Kavirâj Goswâmi has served a magnificent nectar[3] by bringing Srimati Râdhârâni into Karnâmritam. Therefore it has now become unparalleled. During the Râs-leelâ, when the Gopabâlâs met Sri Krishna for the first time, they felt proud of their good fortune while Sri Râdhâ felt mân. The Gopis felt that Sri Krishna was very easily available. When Sri Râdhâ saw that He was equally disposed towards every Gopi, She was full of mân and sorrow. Read the rest of this entry »