Verse 39

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Verse 39

âlola – lochana – vilokita – keli – dhârâ-

nirâjita – agra – charanaih karunâmburâsheh,

ârdrâni venu – ninadaih pratinâdapurair

âkarnayâmi mani – nupura – shinjitâni. 39.




Sri Krishna, the Ocean of mercy, is dancing to the tune of His resonating flutes. He is gazing at His toes with soulful eyes. It appears as if His eyes are overflowing with love and mercy. I can hear the soft tinkle of His gem studded anklets! 39.


rila Kavirâj Goswâmipâd has explained this verse as follows: Sri Râdhâ cried out – “Hâ Krishna! Please let me behold Your moon-like face!” And the next moment She fainted. Read the rest of this entry »