Verse 40

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What is ‘mati’?

“When someone is able to arrive at the right conclusion that is in accordance with the scriptures, it is called ‘mati’.”

“âshlishya va padaratâm pinashtu mâm

adarshanân-marmâhatang karotu vâ,

yathâ tathâ vâ vidadhâtu lampato,

mat-prâna-nâthastu sa eva nâparah.”

Meaning – (Sri Râdhâ said) – “O sakhi! I am the maidservant of Sri Krishna’s lotus-feet. He may embrace me and make me His Own or hurt me terribly Read the rest of this entry »

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Definition of ‘bhâv-shâvalya’

“When a group of bhâvs rub against each other it is called ’bhâvshâvalya’.”

– (B.R.S.2.4.104)

Example of bhâv-shâvalya

Sri Râdhâ is in a sulking mood. Lalitâ has told Her not to speak to Govinda. Yet, She is pining for Him. At the same time She does not want to let go of Her ’mân’. So She is saying -“Aho! These doe-eyed girls are indeed blessed Read the rest of this entry »

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Verse 40

he dev he dayita he bhuvanaikabandho

he krishna he chapala he karunaika- sindho,

he nâth he ramana he nayana – abhirâm

hâ hâ kadâ nu bhavitâsi padan drishorme . 40.



O Lord, O my Darling, the only true Friend in the universe, O Krishna, O my naughty Beloved, O my Protector, O my Sweetheart, O Delight of the eyes, alas ! Alas! When will You appear before me? 40.



n this verse the poet has addressed his beloved Sri Krishna in various ways. In the last line he has expressed a simple prayer Read the rest of this entry »

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