Verse 42

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Verse 42

kimiha krinumah kasya vrumahkritang kritam-âshaya

kathayata kathâm-anyândhanyam-aho hridayeshayah,


kripana-kripanâ krishnetrishnâ chiram vata lambate.42.


What do I do now? Whom do I tell? It is futile hoping to obtain Sri Krishna. Let’s stop such useless talk and discuss something worthwhile instead. Oh! But He is in my heart! Then how can I give up talking about Him? He is a feast for the eyes and the mind! My humble thirst for Sri Krishna is ever increasing! 42.


rila Kavirâj Goswâmipâd explains that Sri Lilâshuk is meditating in his siddhadeha and is echoing Sri Râdhâ’s feelings in this state of mind. Read the rest of this entry »