Verse 44

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Srila Gopâl Bhatta Goswâmipâd explains that Sri Lilâshuk desires to behold Sri Krishna’s lotus-face that is extremely radiant with wonderful striking sweetness. Read the rest of this entry »


Verse 44



ashrânta-smitam-aruna-aruna-adhara-oshtham harshârdra-dwiguna-manogna-venu gitam,

vibharâmyad-vipula-nilochana-ardhamugdham vikshishye tava vadana-ambujang kadâ nu. 44.




Dear Krishna! When will I get to see your lotus-like face with Your rosy lips that are always lit up with soft smiles and are twice alluring due to the blissfully serene song of the flute, and Your restless half-open beautiful large eyes? .44.



rimati Râdhârâni is once again thinking of the look on Sri Krishna’s face when He had sent Her to the kunja with His eyes. Her mind was full of depression and ‘outsukya’. No matter what happens, a devotee never accepts anyone other than Sri Krishna, the Beloved of her heart. In Srimad-Bhâgavatam we find Read the rest of this entry »

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