Verse 45

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Verse 45



lilâyitâbhyam rasa-shitalâbhyâm

 nila-aruna-âbhyân nayanâmbuja-âbhyam,

âlokayed-adbhuta-vibhrama-âbhyang kâle kadâ kârunikah kshora. 45.





When will that merciful Kishor look at me with His sportive, soothing, ras-full, blue-and-rosy wonderfully amorous lotus-eyes? 45. 




rila Kavirâj Goswâmipâd explains that Sri Râdhâ has sunk into depression and the sakhis are thus consoling Her – “O dear One! Why are you despairing so? He will surely come to see You. You too will be able to behold Him.” Hearing these words Srimati is expressing Her anxiety Read the rest of this entry »