Verse 46

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The poet is thinking, how will I get darshan of such a beauty?

Then he is describing that beautiful appearance – “bahula-chikurabharam– “His grooming includes expertly arranged heavy hair-do”. It is heavy because flower garlands adorn His hair. It is also baddha-pichchavatangsam’ – ‘Peacock feathers beautify His crowning glory’. He is chapala-chapalanetram – ‘His eyes that are naturally restless are now darting here and there more quickly than a lightning even.”

Charu-bimba-adhara-oshtham’ means ‘His naturally alluring lips are rosy like ripened the bimba’. madhura-madhura-hâsam’ means ‘His smile is full of sweet ras’. ‘mandâra-udâra-lilâm’ – He is as magnanimous as Mandâr Mountain or as generous as a wish-fulfilling tree.

Mandâr Mountain was so magnanimous that he allowed himself to be used as a churning-rod to whip the Ocean of Milk. This is why ‘amrit’ leelâs are like the Mandâr Mountain. If we hear, say and meditate on His leelâs (that is, keep churning them in our hearts), we too will surely get Sri Krishna’s darshan-amrit (nectarine vision).

We should note the point that, the demi-gods and the asuras had brought Mandâr Mountain with tremendous difficulty and had put in lots of labour to churn the Ocean of Milk and ultimately obtained ‘amrit’ that belonged to the material world. But Sri Krishna’s leelâ-smaran is not only easy but also very pleasurable and by doing this we will obtain the Divine ‘Amritam’ – that is – Sri Krishna’s darshan!

Srila Chaitanyadâs Goswâmipâd has explained that Sri Lilâshuk is once again overwhelmed with extreme eagerness to behold Sri Krishna. He is chastising his eyes and saying, ‘My eyes are forever seeking That Murâri with His enchanting appearance. But why blame them? His very thick hair is weighing down and is bound enchantingly with peacock-feathers’. This signifies that Murâri’s appearance is captivating. Then the poet goes on to describe Sri Krishna’s beautiful eyes and smile. After this he states that his eyes are agitated because ‘mandâra-udâr-lilâm – ‘His divine pastimes are like Mandâr Mountain’. Just as Mandâr had agitated the Ocean of Milk and taken away the ‘amrit’ from it, similarly Sri Krishna’s enchanting appearance has stolen all patience[1] from my eyes. Srila Chaitanyadâs’ explanation too is very nice. 46.


[1] Patience is likened to ‘amrit’ since it is a very precious quality of a devotee.


Verse 46




chapala-chapala-netram châru-bimba-adhara-oshtham,

madhura-mridula-hâsam mandâra-udara-lilâm

mrigayati nayanâm me mugdha-vesham murâreh. 46.






Whose thick hair is tied in a chudâ, Whose hair is adorned with peacock-feathers, Whose eyes are full of mischief, Whose fine lips are rosy like the ripened ‘bimba’, Whose smile is soft and sweet, Whose sportive dalliance is as magnanimous as the Mount Mandâr, my eyes are searching for That enchanting Murâri. 46.




rila Kavirâj Goswâmi says, once again Sri Râdhâ has fainted. The sakhis are trying to console Her by saying – ‘Oyi Râdhe! Get up! Get up! Look there, Sri Krishna has arrived.’ Srimati sat up, opened Her eyes and looked around, but She could not see Sri Krishna anywhere. Then She spoke to Her sakhis in delirium. Read the rest of this entry »