Verse 47

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Sri Gopâl Bhatta Goswâmi has explained in His Krishna–Vallabhâ purport that, Sri Lilâshuk is saying, our eyes can search only those objects Read the rest of this entry »


Verse 47



bahala-jaladach-chhâyâ-chouram vilâsa-bharâ-âlasam

madashikhi-shikhâ-lilottamsam manogya-mukhâmbujam,

kam-api kamalâ-apangodagra-prasanga-jadan jagan-

madhurima-pari-pâkodrekam vayam mrigayâmahe .47.





Whose splendour has stolen the finery of dense clouds, Whose gait is lazy due to amour, Whose head is crowned with most intoxicated peacock-feathers, Whose lotus-face steals the heart, Who is stupefied by the side-long glance of Kamalâ, Whose sweetness is the essence of all sweetness in all creation, we are searching for Such an Object. 47.





rila Krishnadâs Kavirâj Goswâmipâd is a supreme connoisseur of Divine ras. He has presented an incredible explanation of the verse that is overflowing with Sri Râs-ras-mâdhuri (the sweet ras of Râsleelâ). He says that when Sri Krishna Read the rest of this entry »