Verse 51

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Verse 51




saras-tara-sarisiruha-sadrisha-drishi deve,


mada-mudita-vadana-shashi-madhurimani liye.51.






My innermost mind is immersed in That God Whose eyes are like the lotus that have bloomed slightly in the new rays of sunshine, and Whose face looks very sweet since it is shining with pride, having won the battle of love-making against the damsels of Vraja. 51.




rila Kavirâj Goswâmipâd has written in the beginning of his purport to this verse – hereafter Sri Râdhâ’s heart and senses were so engrossed in Sri Krishna’s  sweetness that She bade Her sakhis farewell – O sakhis! This is the last time we see each other, for now I shall die – and She fell down unconscious. She spoke in delirium and Sri Lilâshuk has echoed Her feelings Read the rest of this entry »