Verse 52

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Sri Krishna-Vallabhâ


Let us relish Sri Krishna-Vallabhâ purport. Once again, Sri Lilâshuk is praying so that his heart should be lost in Sri Krishna Read the rest of this entry »


kara-kamala-dala-kalita-lalita-tara vamshi-

kala-ninada-galad-amrita-ghana-sarasi deve,


-satata-bahad-adhara-mani-madhurimani liye.52. 





He is holding the flute to His lotus-face and its resonance is pouring forth Amritam, so much so, that it is creating a deep lake; His lips are sweetly coloured with natural ras-full soft smiles – may my innermost mind absorb in That God. 52.



arlier Sri Krishna had smiled and sent a message to Sri Râdhâ by playing on His flute. He had conveyed to Her that She should proceed to the kunja. Now that same smiling face of Sri Krishna, playing sweet notes on His flute was revealed to Sri Râdhâ in Her heart. Srimati was absorbed in that sweetness Read the rest of this entry »