Verse 54

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Srila Bhatta Goswâmipâd says Sripâd Lilâshuk is anxious to behold Sri Krishna Read the rest of this entry »


Verse 54





âlolâm-anurâginor-nayanayoa-ârdram mridou jalpite,

âtâmrâm-adhara-amrite mada-kalâm-amlâna-vamshi-swaneshu-

âshâste mama lochanam vraja-shishor-murtin jagan-mohinim.54.





He has thick black eye lashes and his dark black eyebrows arch like a bow. His eyes are always searching for His anurâgi devotees, His sweet speech drips with ras, His Nectarine lips are rosy and He is enjoying the sweet notes of His flute – my eyes are forever thirsty to see That all-enchanting Vrajakishor.54.



rila Krishnadâs Kavirâj Goswâmi says: Srimati Râdhârâni murmured, “I have lost myself in Sri Krishna’s sweetness” and passed out. Although the sakhis tried to console Her, She remained with Her eyes closed and continued to murmur lamentations. Sri Lilâshuk has echoed Her grief Read the rest of this entry »