Verse 56

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Srila Bhatta Goswâmipâd says Sri Krishna’s adolescent beauty is so rare that even the devatâs are not able to see it. Yet Sri Lilâshuk had darshan of His mischievous Read the rest of this entry »


Verse 56


vishwâsa-stavakita-chetasan janânâm,


pashyâmah pathi pathi shaishavam murâreh.56.


Sri Krishna has resolved to wipe out the troubles of all the devotees who have taken His shelter with firm faith. We are seeing That Murâri’s ever-new sweet kaishor drenched in dark blue splendour on every pathway leading to Sri Vrindâvan.56.


rila Krishnadâs Kavirâj Goswâmi says: In these five verses (56 to 60) Sri Lilâshuk has mistaken sphurti for sâkshâtkâr. This means that although he did not really have any darshan, He still thinks he is seeing Sri Krishna. When Srimati Râdhârâni did not get Sri Krishna’s darshan, She was miserable and swooned Read the rest of this entry »