Verse 57

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Why does Sri Lilâshuk call Sri Krishna ‘emerald-like’ although He has a blue complexion?


When Murali-Manohar encounters the Vraja Gopis, their golden splendour Read the rest of this entry »


Sri Krishna is full of erotic ras.  The saint poets start describing His sweetness from the tip of His head, starting with the peacock-feathers.


Explanation for “moulish-chandraka-bhushanah”


moulish-chandraka-bhushanah” means ‘He sports a remarkable chudâ decorated with peacock-feathers Read the rest of this entry »


Verse 57


moulish-chandraka-bhushano marakata-stambha-abhirâmam vapur-

vaktran chitra-vimugdha-hâsa-madhuram bale vilole drishou,

vâchah shaishava-sheetalâ mada-gaja-shlâghyâ vilâsa-sthitir-

manda-mandamaye ka esha mathurâ-veetheem mitho gâhate.57.




My dear friend, look there, Who is That walking slowly on the path of Gokul? He is alone and has a crown of peacock-feather; His body is as gorgeous as an emerald pillar; His face has a sweet , mesmerising smile, his eyes are full of bhâv and eagerness, His adolescent speech is soothing, and His movements are more praiseworthy than that of an intoxicated elephant! 57.



rila Krishnadâs Kavirâj Goswâmi has written that Srimati Râdhârâni is seeing in sphurti that Sri Krishna is coming to the kunja. His sweetness is increasing every moment. She inquired from Her sakhi about Him and Sri Lilâshuk has quoted Her in this verse. Sri Krishna’s sweetness Read the rest of this entry »