verse 59

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Verse 59


etan-nâma vibhushanâm bahumatâng veshaya sheshairâlam

vaktran dwitri-vishesha-kânti-lahari-vinyâsa-dhanya-adharam,

shilpair-alpadhiyam-agamya-vibhâvih shringâra-bhangimâyan

chitran chitram-aho vichitram-aha-aho chitram vichitram mahah.59.




 His face is the best ornament – why does He need any other jewellery? Moreover, it has beautiful lips that radiate splendour all around. This mass of radiance has an erotic style, has so many artistic abilities that it is beyond the comprehension of the not-so-intelligent. This brilliance is amazing, very very amazing, extremely amazing!!! 59.




nce again Sri Lilâshuk had a sphurti of Sri Krishna’s sweet face. Srila Kavirâj Goswâmipâd says: In the previous verse, he had a sphurti of Sri Krishna’s beautiful feet, hands, arms and His face. Now He has a vision of Sri Krishna’s sweet face alone. His heart is flooded Read the rest of this entry »