Verse 62

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Srila Bhatta Goswâmipâd said, Sri Lilâshuk is extremely eager to get Sri Krishna’s attention. Vibhu Sri Krishna’s mind is absorbed Read the rest of this entry »


Verse 62


paripâlaya nah kripâlaye-



vibhur-âkarnayitâ kadâ nu nah.62.




O ocean of mercy, when will You save us from the scorching fire of Your viraha? O Friend of  the miserable, O Supreme protector of Your devotees, in spite of being absorbed in Your flute, when will You hear us at least once?62.



rila Krishnadâs Kavirâj Goswâmi says, after some time Srimati Râdhârâni arose and was about to proceed towards Vrindâvan. Ishwari and Her sakhis were conversing in love-delirium. Sri Lilâshuk has translated their Read the rest of this entry »

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