Verse 64

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Ultimately, the poet asked, “When will I behold Sri Krishna Who is famous for His flute?” The song of Sri Krishna’s flute Read the rest of this entry »

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His large eyes cast compassionate glances all around. It captivates the heart and soul of the Vrajadevis.


During Purva-râg, Srimati Râdhârâni Read the rest of this entry »


How is Sri Krishna‘s speech?

His speech is serene like Amritam. The saint tells us – “He emits so much Amritam in every syllable He utters, that it casts a spell on all decent women, as if it were some sort Read the rest of this entry »

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Verse 64



madhuram-adhara-bimbe manjulam manda-hâse

shishiram-amrita-nâde sheetalan drishtipâte,

vipulam-aruna-netre vishrutam venu-nâde

marakata-mani-neelam bâlam-âlokaye nu.64.




He Who has sweet rosy lips, lovely smile, serene Amritam like speech, soothing gaze, large amorous eyes and is famous for His flute – when will I see that emerald like Kishor?64.




rila Krishnadâs Kavirâj Goswâmi says, Srimati Râdhârâni sat up like one possessed and still with Her eyes closed, She anxiously asked Her sakhis  – and Sri Lilâshuk has repeated it in this verse.


Srimati Râdhârâni said, “O my dear sakhis! When will I get to see That Kishor Who resembles Read the rest of this entry »

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