Verse 7

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Verse 7

kamaniya – kishora – mugdha – murteh

kalavenu – kwanit – âdritana – nendoh,

mama vâchi vijrimbhatam murârer

mâdhurimnah kanikâpi kâpi kâpi. 7.




The One Who is attractive and Nava-kishor, Whose face enchants the creation, Whose moon-face is immersed in the nectarine flow of the sweet song of the flute, may That Murâri Sri Krishna’s single minute droplet of sweetness manifest in my words.7.



ri Krishna’s sweetness swelled high in Sripâd Lilâshuk’s bosom like an infinite endless ocean. Sri Krishna is an ocean of sweetness. Love alone can relish this sweetness.  It is not necessary that an object will be visible only when it is in front of you. For this, the power of vision too is necessary. Read the rest of this entry »