Verse 9

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Verse  9

pallavaruna – pani – pankaja – sangi – venuravâkulm

 phulla – patala – patali – parivâdi – pada – saroruham,

ullasach–madhura-adhara–dyuti–manjari sarasa–ânanam

vallavi–kuchakumbha–kumkuma  pankilam prabhum–âshraye.9.




He maddens the hearts of Gopis by creating notes with His hands that are shaped like lotus petals, and they are rosy like the budding leaves. His lotus–feet put blooming roses to shame; His lotus–face is radiant with joyous splendour of His sweet lips and He is adorned with the kumkum1 smeared on the bosom of young damsels. He bestows worthiness to the unworthy – I seek shelter of That generous Master.9.



ripâd Lilâshuk was inspired by the sweetness of Sri Krishna sporting in the Râs dance. Due to overwhelming love, he felt the sweetness of Râs–rasik2 Sri Krishna accompanied by Srimati Râdhârâni to be most wonderful.  He thus expressed his thirst for more in the following two prayers.  Read the rest of this entry »