Nectarine Mantra-meditations

It is a text that contains the Gayatri mantras, their meaning in detail as well as in brief. The best part is, that it contains what to meditate upon and how to meditate when we chant each mantra. This text puts us on the platform of bhaav that we should have, while chanting the particular mantra. It also contains yogpeeth and archanam (the most practical one, especially for householders) by 108 Sri Srimad Ananta das Babaji Maharaj, Mahant and Pandit of Sri Radhakund. It is a must for every initiated Vaishnav. Here we present some excerpts from this book.

  1. Sri Râdhâ’s body is made up of mâdan-prem-ras. Consequently She is wealthy due to prem-ras. She has become anxious to take darshan of Sri Krishna. Full of joy, She is going with Her sakhis to meet Him.

When She reached the woods, the trees and creepers started dancing in bliss, as if the spring season had arrived. She saw the radiant dark Tamâl trees and passion overwhelmed Her. Darshan of the woods of Vrindâban made Râi suspicious. A thought struck Her. Surely the group-leaders (yutheshwaris) too must be searching for Govinda. All of them are experts in this job. Why will they not manage to find Him? And Krishna – is He not greedy for love-sports? Once a woman gets Him, she will never let Him go. When Sri Râdhâ saw the golden creepers embracing the Tamâl trees, and they were dancing in the breeze, She became overcome with love-jealousy. As a result She lost Her power to discriminate. She flew into a terrible rage, raised Her beautiful eyebrows, and asked Dhanishthâ, “What do I see, Dhanishthâ?”

Dhanishthâ – What did you see, now?”

Râi – See in front – what’s happening.

Dhanishthâ – All I can see is the forest.

Râi – You mean, you can’t see what’s going on right in front?

Dhanishthâ – I really see nothing other than the forest.

Râi – You cunning girl! Open your eyes wide and see, can you not see that King of frauds dancing right in front? O Lalitâ! O Vishâkhâ! Just see how that Cheat is dancing with His cheat of a girlfriend. And this Dhanishthâ is His supporter. She has become an expert in cheating as well. Consequently she has brought all of us here to make us members of this Fraud-King’s parliament. Look there, Krishna’s deer Suranga has left his wife, the doe Rangini, and is now enjoying with another doe. In spite of seeing me, he is continuing to behave in such a shameless manner. Krishna’s cheating tendency has infected His deer as well! Krishna’s peacock Tândavik is so impudent! He has left his peahen, who is my pet, and is now love-making with some other peahen. He is seeing her, yet not leaving the second one. All His bad qualities have got transmitted into His pets too! This is but natural, since one rotten apple spoils the basket.

Dhanishthâ – (laughs and says) – Your picturization is remarkable, dear Râdhe! The sakhis have never heard such a beautiful narration. They are most happy. Extreme love gives rise to such feelings. A passionate lover always fears that some evil will befall. Come, dear sakhis, let’s go to Shyâm and tell Him this drama; it will highly please Him.

Râi was surprised when She saw that the sakhis were laughing at Her. Then She looked around once more, and saw that merely golden creepers were embracing the trees. She understood that intense prem had confused Her so much. She hung Her head in shame. The sakhis laughed and took Her to meet Sri Krishna, Who is the ocean of ras. Thus our Ishwari is a treasure house of precious prem. I know such Sri Râdhâ Who is prem-roopprem-rupâyai dheemahi. (According to a poem by Sri Jadunandan Thâkur).

 (Quoted in Nectarine mantra-meditation, the book i am presently translating))

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Once Sri Rāmāi Thākur[1] had joyously asked Mother Jāhnabā about the manjaris. The Holy Mother had answered –

“shrimotir shomā shobe deho bhed mātro,

ek prān ek ātmā shobe rādhā-tantra.

sambhoger kale duhu ānanda ulās,

rādhānge pulok bhāb sakhite prokāsh.

joto shukh pāy brishabhānu-nandini

tānr sapta gun such āswāde shongini.

kon chhole ek shonge sakhire milāy,

shey ānanda dekhi shuni koti shukh pāy.

ei to nishkām prem āswādon kore,

shuddha porokiyā bhābe shodāi bihore.”

Meaning – “all the sakhi-manjaris are non-different from Sri Rādhā – only they have different bodies, that’s all. Sri Rādhā and Her manjaris have one life and one soul. They are completely under Sri Rādhā’s control. When the Divine Couple make love to one another, They are exultant, and the manjaris express Sri Rādhā’s ecstasy in the form of gooseflesh.

The manjaris relish seven times more joy than that enjoyed by Vrishabhānu-nandini Sri Rādhā. Under some or the other pretext they unite Sri Rādhā with Sri Krishna; this makes their Ishwari very happy. When they behold Her joy, their bliss increases manifold. This is the way in which the manjaris relish pure love that is free from lust, and they always float joyously in pure parakiyā[2] bhāv.”  – (6th ch, Murali-Vilās)

[1] Mother Jāhnabā’s adopted son.

[2] Extra-marital relation

Gour-pada Tarangini, an ancient Vaishnav text has described Sri Gouranga-sundar in the most ras-full maner. It  says –


“Gourânga’s complexion is like a mass of extremely hot pure gold – every part of His body is so tremendously Read the rest of this entry »