LOVE: the goal of life

Shri Yugal-Kishora

All the forms of Gods and Goddesses known as almighty powers are naturally self-submitted to Radha Krishna. Almighty forms of God have Their Blissful form of Divine reality which a Saint experiences in Vaikunth. It is somewhat like a king to his subject’s relationship and preferences. The loving form of Radha Krishna is the ocean of unlimited Divine Sweetness. It reveals such a ‘love’ that is beyond imagination. It is so marvellous that even Goddess Maha Lakshmi cannot describe it. That makes it exceptionally special and great. Just think, if the sandalwood tree bears a flower, how deep and exciting would be its fragrance? This is the excellence of Radha Krishna love as compared to the blissfulness & opulence of Vaikunth.

The Upnishads say that ahladini power is the supreme power of God Krishna that holds all the powers within itself. He is called poorntam purushottam brahm, the supreme personality of God. Thus, all the forms of God reside within Krishna, whereas all the forms are absolute and are Divinely one. Also, all the forms are the various forms of Krishna Himself representing Their respective Divine powers with varying Blissful elegance. Thus, there is an absolute oneness with definite Blissful differences in all the forms of God. This simultaneous non-differential difference is the natural feature of God Krishna which is established by the yogmaya, Radha, Who is the essence and life force of ahladini power.

The concentrated essence of ahladini power is called the ‘mahabhava’, like the concentrated perfume of rose flowers in an essence form. This is what manifests the infinite loving Krishna leelas. The absolute essence of the divine emotions, and absolute culminated state of all the exciting, loving and thrilling aspects of the divine love is Mahabhava. That Mahabhava is personified in Shri Raseshwari Radha Rani, the supreme Queen of Divine Vrindaban. Her eight personal aides, starting with Lalita, Vishakha…, are the expansion of Her own personality (kaya-vyuha).

So, Radha Krishna are the absolute supreme truth in two forms. Shri Raseshwari Radha Rani is the supreme para-shakti. The Puranas describe the superiority of Radha upon leela purushottam Krishna by saying that Radha is the ‘soul’ and ‘life breath’ of Krishna and thus She is the cause of Krishna’s exquisite sweetness & origin of His all-greatness. However, in principal, Radha and Krishna are one; whatever is Radha, the same is Krishna.

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