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Sri Krishna said, “Moreover when they can not see me, they are sometimes stupefied due to the blazing fire of viraha, at times they are almost dead, and at other times they become lunatic. Thus they attain all sorts of sweet bhâv. When they see darkness or the tamal tree, they mistake them to be me, so they hug and kiss these things. Now, with whom can I discuss these subjects? Who is here to realize such bhâv? No one in Dwârakâ is qualified to hear all this, because they do not possess that sort of prem. Thus, whether I am present in Braj, or absent – both amount the same. It is pointless for me to go there. Read the rest of this entry »

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The poet realised all types of sweetness in Krishna. Therefore, he called Him ‘madhurima – swarâjyam’.  Sri Krishna is a vista of sweetness. Read the rest of this entry »

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Manthara-gatih (slow moving)


When Sri Râdhârâni’s glances caress Him lovingly, Shyâmsundar starts radiating so much splendour that it casts a spell on the Vraja–gopis and make them sloth–like (slow moving).  He feels the desire to send loving signals because the glances of Mahâlaxmi (Sri Râdhâ Who is the Supreme Laxmi) adore Him.


laxmi–katâksha-adritam means that Sri Râdhâ should accept His desire. It may also be that, Sri Krishna’s desire–filled glances are being referred to Read the rest of this entry »

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Verse 3



kâlindi–pulina–ângana–pranayinam kâmâvatâr–bâlam

nilamani vayam madhurima–svarâjyam–âradhnumah.3.


He Whose extremely mischievous side-long glances dart like brilliant rays that slow down the graceful movements of the Vraja-beauties; Whose gaze is playing in the wavelets1 of nectarine lâvanya; Who is adored by the looks of Sri Râdhârâni; Whose most favourite sporting place is the bank of the Kâlindi, Who is the source of all the incarnations of the Love-god, Who is the empire of all sweetness – we worship That blue-complexioned Kishor.3.


ereafter, Sri Lilâshuk received a sphurti of Sri Krishna accompanied by Sri Râdhârâni, the chief Gopi. They were surrounded by the sakhis who were serving Their Lordships. Earlier he had heard of Sri Râdhârâni’s anurâg and good fortune from Chintâmani. He now thinks of himself as Sri Râdhâ’s sakhi and is expressing his wish Read the rest of this entry »