Verse 31

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Verse 31

pichchâvatamsa – rachanochita – kesha – pâshe

peenastani – nayana – pankaja – pujaniye,

chandrâravinda – vijayodyata – vaktra – bimbe

châpalyam – eti nayanan tava shaishave nah.31.


Your well–groomed hair is decorated with peacock-feathers, the high-breasted Gopa damsels are worshipping You with their lotus–eyes, the beauty of Your face is all set to defeat the moon and the lotus – indeed Your budding youth is agitating my eyes.31.


ri Râdhârâni had remembered Shyâmsundar’s teasing words and had spoken to the bumble-bee – ‘Does He ever remember these kinkaris?’ This expresses the restlessness of Her heart. Read the rest of this entry »

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