Verse 61

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Verse 61


chikuram bahulam viralam bhramaram

mridulam vachanam vipulan nayanam,

adharam madhuran nayanam madhuram

chapalan charitancha kadâ nu vibhoh. 61.




When will I tie Vibhu Sri Krishna’s thick and silky smooth hair in the form of a chudâ? As His rich glossy and black curls keep on tumbling on His forehead, when will I arrange them neatly? When will I hear His soft speech? When will I see His large eyes? When will I drink the sweet honey from His lips? When will I kiss His sweet face? When will I experience His naughtiness? 61.






rila Kavirâj Goswâmipâd has explained that when Srimati failed to get Sri Krishna She fell on the earth and fainted. The sakhis tried to revive Her with soothing words. They said, “Radhe! Sri Krishna will arrive just now. You will surely experience Read the rest of this entry »