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Radhe Radhe !
Recently we visited a lovely kund in  that is just meant for the sakhis to water-sport with the gorgeous Shyamasundar. In fact this is just what it was called in the past – “Kund for the Sakhis”. This kund has a lovely garden at the entrance with vast expanse of greenery. You enter the main precincts of the kund through an ornamented gate that leads to many fountains pouring water into the kund.  In the middle there is a mandir with a statue of the Chief Lady, obviously Swaminijiu.  A row of fountains lead to anikunja-mandir. Happy sphuranning !!!
The lake of the sakhis

The lake of the sakhis





Radhrani is standing inside the central mandir

Radhrani is standing inside the central mandir

Close-up of Radharani waiting for Kanhaiya inside the mandir.

Close-up of Radharani waiting for Kanhaiya inside the mandir. She is all set to enter the jala-keli.

Fountains on the sides of the kund, leading all long the way to the nikunja-mandir spraying the sakhis and Shyamasundar on their way to the love-sports.

The chinmay-fountains rose higher and spouted ras with more gusto as Shyamasundar walked past them with Swaminijiu.

The garden surrounding the kund. here also there are ras-fountains. The garden is beautiful with trees from all over the world, it is green throughout the year, and maintained just right to serve the Divine Couple.

Radhe Radhe !

While translating Sri Krishna-Karnamritam, the Mahajan-songs, and the lecture series on Leela-smaran, i came across the names of numerous musical instruments – that remained ……just names ! :-( Yes my sweet friends, often we read so many things about Sri Priya-Pritamju that remain just words. We do not relate to them, the reason why we cannot delve into the innermost quarters of the secluded love-grove. Forget the nikunja, we reach nowhere close to the transcendental  Braj-dham.  Of course, it all depends on the level of the purification of the sub-conscious (chitta); however i felt it would do some good if i could even see a faint shadow of a few of the trees, flowers, fruits, ornaments and musical instruments mentioned in these exotic texts. As a result, now  when i visited Udaipur, the city founded by the supreme premi devotee Raja Udai Singhji, i headed straight for the collection of musical instruments played in ancient India. And oh yes !! It was a thrilling experience. i actually got a sphuran of all the sakhis holding ALL of these instruments (they were now very new, colorful and lustrous ) – and ALLof them playing together in unison. You have got to visualize Sri Kishori-jiu dancing with Navakishor in the centre. Add a few peacock-feather outfits, and your picture would be quite great. 😀 Just think of the effect !!  Naturally i couldn’t wait to share with you all.


Ektara is the favorite instrument of the saints.  Mirabai and Tukaram are always seen with this single-stringed instrument. . Most probably is a hot favorite due to its simplicity and low-cost. Ektara is made from louki or bottle gourd.

cow-horn and different types of flutes

Nagfani or the Snake-trumpet


trumpet used to announce the various pastimes of Nandalala

Siddha Srila Krishnadas babaji tells us that  Nanda Bhavan is a multi-storeyed building. On on of the floors Maharaj Nanda  has arranged for a permanent orchestra. The musicians sit there and in every “yaam” they announce the leela that Nandalala is playing at present. They do so with a lot of musical lyrics and fanfare. You want a live demonstration ?  Go to Nathdwara – they are still continuing that tradition.The devotees in Nathdwara are experts at recreating the Braj-ambience  😎



In Krishna-Krnaamritam there is this lovely Mahajn song  where a sakhi is playing the duff while Govinda is dancing to its rhythm. The picture of “duff”  provided in Sri Krishna-Karnamritam wasn’t  clear, so i wasn’t happy. The above picture is nice. Our Bollywood heroes, and sometimes even heroines show a penchant for this instrument  . Every good thing comes from Radha-Krishna , don’t they  ?

Many types of perrcussion instruments

Every night during the raas dance, the sakhis play all these instruments and more – esraaj, santoor, and there were so many musical names i have never heard. i felt very lucky indeed to get darshan of these instruments in their true forms. Radhe Radhe !!

stringed instruments

Five thousand years ago, Gokul was the home to Krishna’s magical childhood where he performed innumerable loving pastimes. When Indra threatened the Vrajavasis with torrential rains, blasts of thunder and lightening, and the consequent over flooding of Yamuna – all to inundate the village, And if you were present there how would you experience all this????? And the relief the village residents felt when Krishna lifted the Govardhan Hill and protected them! Read the rest of this entry »