Suruchi Satsang

Radhe Radhe !
After celebrating a tremendous Niyam Seva, we simply had to top it with a grand finale ! We spent the entire Niyam Seva drowning in Krishna-Karnamritam. We got Krishna visions EVERYDAY !! As Kakoli Mataji put it – ” we can’t get Shyamsundar aout of the system”. Shashi mataji used to experience electric shocks reverberating through her body, whenever the “sphuran” sessions occurred. Another mataji said, we keep on hearing about smaran, but this is the first time, she could actually visualize her Beloved. “Uptil now, whatever leela-smaran i has done was only labour, ” she said. However the sessions were highly confidential and held in the strictest closures, since this meditaiton is of the highest order and not meant for all.
We had a rendezvous on dwadashi that we celebrated as the last day.  Our Beloveds bit into succulent mirchi-bombs (Neelu’s fav), and malai-paramanna. However, the Deities were still not satisfied ! They wanted an outing, so we had ANOTHER celebration, this time on Suruchi Baug, a scenic beach, with a very green trek on the western coast of Vasai. Of course, all could not come, since the trek would be difficult for most of the matajis. However, the ones who could make it, loved every bit of it !! Shuk sang “dule dule gorachand”, and it was killing ! We enjoyed to the hilt. The sunset was slurpicious ! Aashiqs are few and far, but life is a constant dhamaal – is what i have realized.

While going we sang "Nikunj me radhe, ghanashyam radhe radhe "

Ma posing with backwaters and watermelon fields

dule dule gorachand hari gun gaay

singing jaya jaya jagannatha

The crimson streaks in december sunset gave us the uddipan of the Arun corners of Shyamsundar's eyes (KK)

We jumped on the waves trying not to let them touch our feet.

Some "Haribol" masti and dhamaal

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