Lord Âlâlnâth is none other than Sri Krishna and resides only a few kilometers away from Jagannâth Puri. In fact Sriman-Mahâprabhu proved that Lord Âlâlnâth is non-different from Sri Jagannâth. When Lord Jagannath did not give darshan for a fortnight after Snân-Yâtrâ, Goursundar would be full of viraha (love-separation). Then He would visit Âlâlnâth to quench His thirst. In fact once He was suffering so much from viraha that after reaching Âlâlnâth, He could not even bear to cross the gates to enter inside the Mandir. He fell on a stone-slab right in front of the temple. His body was burning so much in viraha that the stone melted. Later on the devotees shifted this stone inside the precincts of the mandir. The devotees worship this stone by filling the craters made by the burning parts of the Lord’s body – such as His feet, knees, elbow, head etc. with milk and then decorating them with flowers. In this photo of the “Melted Stone” we can also see Lord Goursundar in His “Shadabhuj” (six-handed form) as He appeared to Sri Sârvabhouma Bhattachaarya. Sri Saarbhouma’s house too is nearby.

The story of Âlâlnâth goes as follows. There lived a group of brahmin- families who took turns in serving Lord Âlâlnâth. They would each serve Him for one month. When it was time for one particular family to serve Him, the head of the family had to go on a tour. So he told his wife and son to serve the Lord. On the first day the wife prepared bhog and told her son, who was still a child, to make the offering. The child offered bhog and sat there to feed the Lord. When he saw that the Lord was not eating it, he became adamant and said, “You’d better eat it, otherwise my parents will scold me”. However the Lord still did not reply. Seeing this, the boy became all the more stubborn, and picking up the fruit-cutting knife, he threatened to kill himself if the Lord did not start eating. Lord Âlâlnâth had no choice but to quietly comply with his little devotee’s desire. In this manner the Lord ate everyday.

When the brahmin returned, the bhog-offering was going on. He asked his wife what their son was doing in the Mandir. The mataji replied that their child would feed the Lord and that nothing was left as prasâdam. Hearing this, the man was astounded. “How can that be?” he said in shocked disbelief. “But it is true”, replied the wife. The husband decided to find out the truth for himself. He hid behind the curtain in the Deity’s room to see what was going on. He saw that his son had offered ‘paayasam’ (the South Indian version of ‘paramânna’ and was insisting that the Lord come down from His altar to eat it. But it looked like today the Lord was in no such mood, since He knew that the father was watching Him from behind the curtain. Hence the delay. However the child was unaware of this. So he kept on insisting, and ultimately threatened Him with the knife. So the Lord had no other option but to sit on the âsan and start eating. Feeling really uncomfortable before the non-believing father, He started gulping down the paayasam as fast as He could. The paayasam was so hot that the Lord could barely swallow it. He burnt His finger, chin and some drops fell on His chest too, thus causing blisters on all these parts of His body.

The priests carefully conceal the blisters on His chin and chest with shringâr. When we requested them to shift the flowers garlands to reveal them, they did so. You can see the Lord’s thumb, forefinger and parts of His palm covered with blister (that is swollen). Thus once again Lord Goursundar’s statement is proved – “bigraha nao tumi, sâkshât brajendrananadan” !! Please click on a picture to enlarge it.
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    melted stone

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    Alalnath with chandan shringar

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