We are indeed fortunate to get darshan of three supremely pure and rare bhajanaanandis such as the above exalted personalities in a single shot. Of course where else is it possible other than at radhakund ? As soon as i got their darshan together, while taking Giriraj-parikrama, at Sri Govind Kund, immediately i captured them not just in the camera, but in my heart as well. In the centre, like a stalwart, stands Sri anup Banerjee - our shiksha-guru. He was Srila Babaji Maharaj's right hand and he is the only disciple, whose picture Baba lovingly places to his right when he sits on the table upstairs. At least 80% of the Kolkata-devotees owe their spiritual life to him. An ex-disciple of Srila Swarup-damodar Maharaj (of ISKCON), when he graduated onto the path of exclusively pure devotion and ras, he attracted many sincere devotees from Bengal. All of us are highly grateful to him for introducing the original path preached by Lord Goursundar. Above all we are grateful to him for introducing to us Sri Kundeshwari and the best part of dear darling BABA !!!!

The personality to our left is 'Srila Jaikrishna baba'. He is the ex-incharge of Goudiya Math, and the descendent of extremely opulent lineage in Aasam. In Goudiya Math, he was reverently called as 'H.H.Srila Damodar Maharaj'. Now, after accepting raganuga and pure bhakti, he has lost the title of 'maharaj' only to become the proud possessor of a much more elevated status - that of a 'manjari' of Vrindavaneshwari Sri Radharani.

To our right we have the dear sweet inimitable Acharjee-da. He is a recluse and practices the austerity of the highest level. He ia extreme scholarly, yet highly hilarious at times. :) I can't help but recall how he once remarked that Gouranga is more crooked than the Tribhanga Murari, since - (he explained) - at least you can make out That Black-One is crooked - but this guy from Nabadweep looks straight, stands straight, innocently stretches His arms, yet see how craftily He has managed to drag us all in........and now however desperate we get out, we CAN"T !!!" Incidentally, Acharjee-da was the librarian of Baghbazar Goudiya Math for several years. Both Jaikrishna-da and acharjee-da were drawn to Ishwari by my dear sweet Banerjee Uncle. :)[/b][b][b]


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