Aparadh Bhanjan

Their LOrdships Sri Sri Nitai-Gour at Aparadh-Bhanjan, Kalyani, W.Bengal. Here we find the samadhis of Chaapaal Gopal and Devananda Pandit. Both of them had committed an offence at the lotus feet of Srivas Pandit. As a result, both suffered from excruciating pain due to terrible illness. Later they repented and begged forgiveness from the pure devotee. Then, by the mercy of the Lord, they were cured. They had performed penance at this place. Hence the name. (Aparadh = offence; bhanjan = mitigation). Many devotees flock to this place to pray and seek forgiveness from aparadhs. We see Their Lordships in the 'prem-bhiksha' pose - begging us to give Them love (prem). Incidently, we find most of the original Deities served by the Goswamis, in this very sweet pose. Please note the Deities wearing turbans that Their sevak ties each day with accuracy - no ready-made stuff here, eh? This spotlessly clean Mandir is a nice one where the sevaks perform simple, yet loving seva. This is the hallmark of Raganuga service - sweet, loving and devoid of opulence.


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