Before every Harikatha in Radhakund, we sing - "teen putra sange naache sen shibananda", do we not? Well, majority of Sri Goursundar's associates were grihastas or householders, and Shibananda Sen was one of the foremost. He was an exemplary grihasta who showed us how we can involve our entire family in the service of Lord Gouranga and Radha-Krishna. He brought up his three sons to be devout and danced with them in hte sankirtan. Shibananda Sen was responsible for making lodging and boarding arrangements whenever the large entourage went from Bengal to Orissa during the annual rath-yatra. He had to look after the sleeping and prasadam requirement. One year, the arrangement fell short of complete satisfaction and the Vaishnavs complained to LOrd Nityananda. The Lord was so angry that He called Shibananda Sen, shouted at him and then slapped him. Shibananda Sen started dancing in ecstasy, jubilantly shouting - "Today I am blessed , for You have considered me YOur Own ! Otherwise would You have slapped me?" Nityananda Prabhu started laughing and showered him affection. Here we see that very same fortunate Shibananda Sen's house. In the picture we can also see from left to right - mom, Kanak Aunty, myself and dad.


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