Guru-Purnima 2009

Irrespective of what the loving Baba assures his disciples, one look at him while he is in KOlkata will tell you that the "addabaz Bengali's haven" (Kolkata) is Baba's home, while Radhakund is his office. And why not? It is where Baba gets the maximum pampering, madhur seva that is free of any aishwarya bhaav. His daughters such as Hashi-di and Shukha-di render loving seva, while his sons such as Himanshu Uncle, Apu dadabhai, etc. regale him with the rasik-est narrations. Here, Baba is at his element - often being humorous and bhajansheel simultaneously.

Guru Purnima 2009 was celebrated with great devotion, pomp and gaeity in Kolkata. The venue was my dadabhai <a href="">Apu Shyam's</a> newly constructed building.

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