Mohini Ekadashi 2010

Kajara lagaake…gajaraa sajaake……..then all that mornee see chaal…OOMPH !!

Who would have thought that Gobuji could transform so much ?? He gave us abig surprise. Even DH, who brought all those flowers, did not know what he was up to. The matajis were all oomphing over him – what with his skirt looking as if it would slip any moment down his hips – he swayed them so badly - SO embarrassing !! All chatak-matak !

DH mocked, “So at last he has become fair – is it? What did he do ? Apply fair and lovely ?” I couldn’t bear him slighting MY Gobuji. So I retorted, “Ya, as much as you apply – that’s why you look fair, PAH !!!”

Anyway, I must admit, that the plaited hair, the bindi, the……everything ……..he borrowed from Radharani. But don’t go along telling this to everybody.

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