This year Purushottam has come in Vaishakh. Thank Krishna it is the first Vaishakh - so the mercury has yet to reach its boiling point. Now, how do Their Lordships dress in this hot summer ? Needless to say, cotton is the frist choice. The finer and smoother the fabric the better. Devotees often ask - "But.... didi, how will our Beloveds look in cotton? How can They look attractive ? cotton is so dull !! " NO, my dears, cotton can look splendid, provided you use the classy touch. Piya-Piyatamji are naturally manohar, so they'll look seductive, and more smart in cotton. Just see !!

Pl click on a picture below to see it large and relish the entire description.
  • Left-side view of Gobindaji

    Left-side view of Gobindaji

  • Sunday-feast darshan

    Sunday-feast darshan

  • Right-view of Gobindaji.

    Right-view of Gobindaji.

  • Neelmoni


  • Very much a Maharaj !!

    Very much a Maharaj !!

  •  Tuesday - red day

    Tuesday - red day

  • White crysanthemums  hiding Jugal sarkar

    White crysanthemums hiding Jugal sarkar

  • His Excellency

    His Excellency

  • The family

    The family

  • See the flute

    See the flute

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