The Divine Thief - truly the Choura-agraganyam ! And pray, what did He steal? Gold, diamonds, gems......NAAH !!! Then it has to be......... How can we forget Kheer-choraa Gopinath Who stole kheer (sweet condensed milk, and NOT rice-in-milk) from Madhavendra Puri, on his famous journey for chandan? Very close to Baaleshwar, Orissa, His Lordship Kheer-choraa (the One in the centre) is very popular indeed. A special bus-service from Baleshwar takes throngs of devotees everyday to and fro the Mandir. The frequency of the service is good.

The Goswamis serve the Deities most lovingly. They spend ages putting on the starch white dhoti for the Lords, stiffening htem and straightening them at the right places, while the Grandsire of hte family looks on with adoration, his eyes transfixed on the Deities. The seva is simple, very accurate and loving. In spite of crowds of devotees thronging there each day, the priests listen and tend to each one of them with attention. This is one place where our personal Deities Sri Sri Radha-Gobindaji and Neelmoni got the utmost care and were treated like V.I.Ps. The Gosains offered Them bhog and while parting, gifted each of Them flowers and garlands. Needless to mention, this was done although they did not know us, nor did we offer them anything. We also noticed that they treated all devotees equally irrespective of their status and gifts. Now to come to the best part - the KHEER ! Of course, it was all that you had imagined all along and MORE (you get the feeling you are slowly ascending to Golok Vrindavan) !!! :) We simply couldn't have enough of the stuff :) Also the Raajbhog prasadam, which you need to book as soon as you touch there - was too yummy for words ! :) We left dear Kheer-choraa with a heavy heart, but then the enchanting Bishnupur was beckoning us...............


  • halley goswami on 2011-Apr-21 10:11:17 halley goswami said

    thanks for this lovely darshan . jai gopinath

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