The sweet songs of Chandidaas — highly relished by Mahaprabhu!

pireeti boliya ekti komol, raser sagar majhe,

prem parimal lubdho bhramar, dhayolo apono kaje.

bhramar janoye kamolo madhuri, tenho she tahar bosh,

rasik janoye rosero chaturi, ane kohe apajash.

shoi ekotha bujhibe ke ?

je jono janoye se jodi na kohe kemone dhoribe de.

dharama karama lok chorachate e katha bujhite naare,

e tin akhoro jaharo morome shei she bolite pare.

chandidas kohe shuno he naagori, pireeti roshero saar,

pireeti rosher rasik hiole ki chhaar poraan taar?


Meaning – “A lotus called LOVE bloomed amidst the Ocean of Ras. Its love-honey tempted the greedy black-bee Read the rest of this entry »

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Poet Chandidas’s best friend Nakul Thakur, who was also a brahmin, tried his best to make Chandidas see reason.  He said –

“shuno chandidas bhai,

kutumber dol oti mohabol sakal sabhate chai.

tomar barike jodi keho gelo se jodi na khallo ghore,

tobe she bishom hoilo kemon kutumbe gonjaaiya mare.

je jono onchito se jodi beshtito kutumbo lokete bhoje,

tahar byabhar sakaler ghore se jon lokete puje.

tumi eno jon sakale uttam dwijo kule upadan,

kutumbo sakale bigna mate bole bidyate abhiram.

ami se tomar tumi se amar kriya bidya marge hoi,

e ghor samsare bolibe amare apona koriya loi.

sri guru charan jaar dridha mon pireeti hoilo taay,

nakul sangete chandidas sathe dujone bichar jaay.”

Meaning – “Listen brother Chandidas, our community is very strong.  If soemone goes to your house and does not eat there, then it will spell doom on you. That person is blessed who is surrounded by his friends and family. He is truly happy. If you keep good connection with everybody you will be worshiped.

As it is, you are the best of brahmins and an exemplary member of our community. Everybody eulogises you and says that you are the most delightful of all scholars.

Look Chandidas, I am telling you all this because I love you, and I do not discriminate between you and me. Both of us are soulmates in this path of education.  In this terrible world, I am your very own well-wisher. How on earth, can one whose heart is firmly fixed on the lotus-feet of his spiritual master, ever fall in love?  Yes, how indeed? This is exactly what Chandidas would like to discuss with his friend Nakul.”

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Pireeti nogore bosoti koribo pireete bândhibo ghar

Pireeti dekhiya podoshi koribo tâ bine shokol por.

Pireeti dârer kobât koribo pireete bândhibo châl

Pireeti âshoke sadâi thâkibo pireete gonâibo kâl.

Pireeti pâlanke shoyon koribo pireeti sithân mâthe

Pireeti bâlishe âlish tyajibo thâkibo pireeti sâthe.

Pireeti sarase sinân koribo pireeti anjan lobo

Pireeti dharma pireeti karam pireete porâno dibo.

Pireet nâshâr beshor koribo dulibe noyono kone

Pireeti-anjana lochane

poribo dwija chandidâse bhone.


In a love-city I’ll build a love-nest,

Choose love-neighbors and estrange the rest.

I’ll make love-doors, build love-roof,

And love-hope will keep me alive.

I’ll live for love.

I’ll sleep on a love-bed on a love-pillow,

And the love-mattress will rid me of fatigue.

I’ll live with love.

I’ll bathe in a love-pond and anoint myself with love.

Love is my dharma and love is my karma,

I’ll die for love.

I’ll wear a love-nosering that will love-play near my eyes.

Thus speaks poet Chandidâs with ‘love-kohl’-ed eyes.

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