Jhoolan and Rakhi 2009

"mor bole, chakor bole, radharani ke jhoole pe mor bole......." - YES ! all the transcendental birds and animals of Braj gather around Ishwari when She swings - the peacock, the cuckoos, the chakor ..the list is endless. In fact, the peacocks are the most audacious of the lot They even climb on Her lap and start singing. BUt of course, they are not so audacious as That One ! You won't beieve HIs impudence !! He actually plays the swing faster and faster till the breeze is so strong that swaminijiu's dupatta flies away. Then ....Oh no !! He grabs the opportunity and covers Her bosom with His hands , claiming all the while that He is doing it only to protect Her.
anyway, leaving aside That King of Frauds - Jhoolan happens to be one of my favs. This year Neelu got a brand new jhula (swing) from Goverdhan. He has given away His jhula-from-Naathdwar to His Friend "Kaanu" Who lives in the next village. Kaanu is the Worshiped Deity of my sakhi. i actually got the swing with the intention of swinging Radha-Gobindaji on it But every time we put Them on the swing, it would tilt backwards. Ultimately the jhula threw Their Lordships out on to the floor. Then i threw my hands up - said - "enough is enuff" and givng Neelu a stern glare, i put Him on the swing. And the swing has been steady ever since. How naughty !! Tiny Neelu occupying the entire jhula !! :( and :)

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